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October 2007

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nemireth in gregandrita

Some updates, some thoughts

Well, I wish I could say that planning was exciting. Don't you wish sometimes that you were just very good at something, but it is simply not in your nature? I try very hard, but it's an effort, a massive push on my part... I suppose I will all the happier when it all comes together and we have a great time.

Lots of dillemas while planning. Yes, we are the unconventional couple, but how much can we really bend without turning the whole affair into nothing more than a country dance and how much is fair to "expect" from our friends. Perhaps "expect" is not quite the right word. Perhaps... how much can we accept without pushing the limits of friendship and infringing on their fun. The beautiful (and scary) part about being friends with people who have amazingly large hearts and giving personalities, is that they try to give away too much of themselves without a second thought, and I feel I should stop them and say, "No, you are a guest, please, if you do THAT you'll have no time to have fun..." Plus the inability to set the wedding date, having to explain the situation, thus living the painful reality of it every time I tell it, is driving me absolutely up the wall.

oh, enough of my worries. Here are some good news -

I met with the photographers - they are not quite husband and wife, despite the three children they have together - and they are the most wonderful people. I don't think I could have hoped for more, in fact I did not even envision half of the things they offered freely and then more on top of that and for a price that is so very reasonable :) I think the lady, Samantha, might be more excited about some parts of the wedding than I even know how to be yet. If that made any sense ;)

As part of our service they offered, at no additional charge to anyone, to take photos of the guests with their families all dressed up and pretty. She is going to post pictures on the website where people can purchase them, but she will also release them to us with our proofs, so it would be a matter of printing costs, really, to get some nice photos for everyone. I mean, WOW!!! What a great thoughtful idea!!!

There are much talks with DJs which are annoying me at the moment because... well, I'm too busy to deal with all that and I need someone to take charge for me like Samantha has. Too many options there. I don't feel we've yet met the one who will be perfect, but there is still time. I have two options that are borderline reasonable and fairly flexible.

The venue I looked at over the blissful time of my vacation last week is nice, but I doubt they will be very helpful. The date will have to change, and the 15th is starting to look really much more feasable and better (before the cold hits). The space is more than what we need, there are two floors, so the ceremony can be held there.

If you've read this far, please take care to bring your sword with you, we would love to do this wonderful thing Miridy suggested - walk under the arch of swords after we are married. So, please, we would love your sword in our honor guard. Yes, that means you. :)

I am really worried about food and set up and need help, but it will be fine. I know. It will. I just need to think about it a little more and figure out how it's going to work.

It seems the number of guests is increasing by the day :look (sorry, love, but I really do know EVERYONE). At least, I hope, this will mean that we have one hell of a party. :joy


You have a way with words
I feel the first paragraph, and the fact that I am stuck here for the moment, so I can't see these people with you. Of course, I 'm not much of a people person, so you would still do most of the talking, but I would like to be there
ok so this probably answers my question about when....so you are leaning more towards the 15th? Like I said just trying to make sure I can get time off and save $ at the same time.

Miss you! *kisses*